How Relaxing Sounds and Meditation Can Help you Sleep Better

How Relaxing Sounds and Meditation Can Help you Sleep Better

Can Meditation can help Sleep Better? A question most of us might not give an accurate answer to. This is a question that our brain can automatically consider dumb but in our present-day world, it’s a valid question.

We live in a fast-pace world where we can get almost anything we want instantly, be it food or sex but one thing we struggle to have is sleep. It seems to be the only thing that we rarely get immediately.

Also, It’s now been proven by the CDC that the average American gets less than 7hrs of sleep per day. This is alarming considering the damaging effects of not sleeping well.

We all know that getting a goodnight’s rest is the best thing you can do for your health. When we sleep our body rests and recovers to serve us better the next day.

Also, You might say “but at least I sleep”; that may be true, but the issue is, are you getting enough sleep? Not getting enough sleep leads to insomnia, sleep deprivation, and in some cases mental illness.

For an adult 8 hours, and  for children is 10-12 hours. It is the minimum number of requirement for sleep. if you have difficulties in sleep better keep reading “Meditation can help Sleep Better.”

Furthermore, Many things that aren’t allowing us to sleep well; Stress, Social Media, Work, Noise etc. With all of our technological discoveries comes all the distraction and side effects that make sleeping hard presently.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is. We have what is say “Relaxing Sounds and Meditation”. These are methods that have been proven by scientists to help people sleep better.

Relaxing Sounds and Meditation can help Sleep Better

A study by Journal of Theoretical Biology has found out that sounds, especially the peace ones, reduces one’s brain waves which increases stable sleep. Also, a study in Frontier in Human Neuroscience also found a link between relaxed sounds and deep sleep. We all know that deep sleep is necessary for our health.

How relaxing sounds and meditation can help you sleep better

A good example of relaxing sounds are

  • Rusty leaves
  • Steady Rain
  • Wind
  • Heartbeats

With these sounds, you’re guaranteed better sleep hygiene, which will enable our bodies to function better and also improve our overall health.

What is Meditation

Meditation is a practice which helps to quiet the noise in our minds. It’s so useful that it helps fight insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

How relaxing sounds and meditation can help you sleep better

It’s been proven by the Florida Medical Clinic that meditation helps people who struggle to sleep at night, it also helps when we want to quit smoking, lower our blood pressure, fight anxiety or depression. A few tips on how to meditate are

  • The ideal environment should be calm and quiet
  • Remove distractions. Turn off the TV, laptop or work tablet and make your space(room) quiet and dim(dark)
  • Wear something you are comfortable in
  • Listen to an audio meditation program or podcast. Just make sure your phone brightness is completely dim or use the eye care function.

Our app provides all of the benefits list above to help you have better health. We are here helping you sleep well; so that you can have at least a reason to smile in the morning and also have enough time to spend with your loved ones. We know the importance of good sleep and we just informed you of that also. You are a priority to us, thereby ensuring that we put together the two proven methods that will enable you to have good sleep hygiene. With these two methods, be sure that you are going to have better sleep hygiene. You can bank on our services, assure that you are being cater to.

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